Delamere Forest Riding Club Membership

Here you will find everything related to being a member.

Delamere Forest Riding Club is a small, friendly club set in the heart of Cheshire. We are affiliated to British Riding Clubs (BRC) and belong to Area 20. This means that our members can take part in Area competitions to try and qualify for BRC Championships throughout the year. We also run many club events, such as monthly dressage competitions, our annual club camp, Combined Training and One Day Event. 

NEW FOR 2024 – British Riding Clubs are bringing in a new Membership Portal, which all Clubs must use.

28.11.2023 Members you may, or may not, get an email from BRC about setting yourself up on their new portal (in our house Brent did, but I didn’t!) If you don’t get an email you can go to I tried to register, but when it knew my email address I just clicked reset password and got in that way. This is currently your personal BRC membership. Next week committee members will be endeavouring to get DFRC on there as a Club; then, you should, hopefully, be able to use this portal to renew your membership….. all current memberships expire at the end of December. BRC sent out an email yesterday (Monday) with how to sheets, which will help you login 🙂

Why become a member?

  1. Discounted entry fees to Club competitions and training events. We offer events to suit all levels of ambition – you don’t have to be aiming for Olympic glory; but you are equally welcome if you are!
  2. Camp! A great weekend, worth the membership fee alone
  3. A chance to compete, train and socialise with like-minded people; supporting each other in a friendly, low-key environment
  4. As part of a BRC club then members have access to extras that BRC offer from time to time, such as training and on-line competitions There is also a quarterly Rider magazine, and BRC members have public liability insurance cover while taking part in affiliated BRC organised activities.
  5. There is a hard-working group of volunteers – the committee – who try their very best to respond to the needs of the Club members. If you would like to see the Club doing something, all you need to do is ask. If you are new to Club life, approach any one of them with questions.
  6. Help days – they are a great way to meet Club members and see events from the “other side”
  7. Be on a team! BRC Area competitions run in a variety of disciplines and venues throughout the year. Members are encouraged to join teams – they are for everyone who would like to have a go! Winning Area teams get to go on to BRC National Championships, which are a great experience. The Club pays for the pre-entry portion of any Area Competition a member enters, meaning you only have to pay the event entry fee. The Club also assists a little with costs when members reach Championships.

To become a member you will need to download a membership form below and send it onto Cathy London including the correct fee and stating which events you will help at. We are a small club run entirely by volunteers and so we ask that as a condition of membership you agree to help at some club events in the year.   Please indicate which ones as you join and the committee will be in touch to confirm and arrange the details.