We send out a newsletter to all our members on a quarterly basis. The most recent one is below for you to enjoy.

February 2021

Well the year has certainly started the way last year finished.  Having battled Covid and all the restrictions that brought, we now have the added challenge of winter weather as well.  If it weren’t for risking it happening, we could say the only thing we were missing is a plague of locusts but maybe we don’t want to tempt providence !!   Its been disappointing that events we had thought we could run, had to be cancelled and its  hard to know exactly when we can realistically offer future events – so apologies to you,  our loyal members for lack of definite plans.   In the hopes things will ease, the following are a resume of a couple of things that went ahead and a tentative list of things we hope will be firmly on the agenda very soon.


Dressage Competitions in September, October and December

Despite the restrictions on numbers, three of the winter dressage competitions were able to run.   We soon had reduced lists of members wanting to take part and it was good to be able to hold these competitions despite the lack of hot drinks and socialising.  However the low numbers meant that both horses and riders were remarkably relaxed and some very good results were posted.   It was much appreciated that the entrants for the Christmas Dressage competition made such an effort to look festive on the day.    Sadly we weren’t allowed our usual enthusiastic audience of friends and family to applaud the wonderful outfits and well deserved prizes went to Jo Bateson, Clare Aldridge, Emma Billington, Lauren Moore, Carrie Childs and Madelaine Davies.   Photos of the riders and horses in their full glory can be seen on the Club facebook page – and thank you to all who went to so much trouble to raise a lot of smiles on a cold, socially distanced, day.


The Committee has a meeting booked for 8 March at which we are really hoping to firm up on a list of events for the Club.    In the meantime, we have pencilled in some ideas and, to give you a glimmer of hope, details of which are as follows – although they are all subject to final confirmation.

Dressage on 7 March 

Unfortunately this event was coming round too quickly for us to be certain that we could run.  In view of the need to confirm to various people whether or not it would go ahead, the decision was made to cancel.  However Steph is exploring whether we can organise a virtual dressage competition.   There are a few issues concerning insurance, H&S etc that have to be clarified first though.   If something can be put into place, we will make certain that the news is fully circulated.

Future Dressage Competitions

We are now hoping that competitions can take place on the following dates :

11 April

13 June

11 July

8 August

As always, these will be held at Forest Gate Farm and full details (tests, entry arrangements etc) will be posted on the web site and facebook as soon as possible.

As with all the following suggested activities, we are really hoping that we will be able to run but, as you know, the final decisions are completely out of our control –the committee continues to keep fingers tightly crossed.

Combined Training

We have provisionally booked Bank Holiday Monday 3 May for the Combined Training at CRS. More details as soon as we know we can go ahead..

Arena Eventing

We are optimistically planning to hold this popular event at Forest Gate and Liz Ford is looking at the possibility of a May date.  Again we’ll  have to ask you to continue to be patient,but keep an eye on the web and fb to get up to date information in due course.   

Horse Camp

Cathy is getting a well deserved reputation for organising a brilliant Horse Camp at Somerford Park and our booking has been made for the weekend of 4-6 June.  Further details will be published as soon as they are available but we wanted to give advance notice of this very popular and well supported weekend. 

One Day Event

Not wanting to wish the year away (although …..)    We’ve made a booking with Smallwood to run the ODE on Sunday 5 September.    Although it’s a while off, again it will be good to have a positive date to work towards.


You may all have seen an email from BRS that Peter circulated in which they are offering to assist Clubs in these difficult financial times by waiving three months of membership fees.  This amount equates to £4 per person.    We are currently looking at a couple of options in respect of this cost saving.   One would be that we refund all members £4.   Alternatively, another idea centres round the fact the Club celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year.   Although we posted a financial loss in 2019/20,  we would like to continue to offer members a free meal at the AGM and this saving would be put towards making the evening a special celebration of the life span of DFRC.    However we are always happy to hear suggestions from you all concerning this.


BRC have announced that the Novice Winter Dressage Championships will be a virtual competition this year.  The team who qualified are Georgie Critchley, Katie Holden, Amanda Lyne and Sam Sansom.  – Steph Woodland is the chef d’equip.  Obviously we have never been in a situation before where tests have to be filmed and submitted – so it’s a real learning curve for all.   We wish the team all good luck and ditto to the photographers – no pressure there then !!    

Alongside this, there will be a virtual competition for this year’s Intermediate Dressage Qualifier, if you are interested please contact Steph, , there is a short timeline to this competition so we need responses  as soon as possible.