DFRC hosts training events throughout the club year at different venues and with different trainers. The training is open to all members and we will try and put you in a suitable group. We have worked on grid work, held beginners classes and hired Kelsall Hill EC to use the cross country course. All up and coming dates are below, to book in please contact the relevant committee member or enter via Horse Monkey by clicking on the links below.

Training Dates and Times

Show Jumping Training with Jane Carruthers

After a very successful session with Jane Carruthers on Wednesday evening, we are lucky enough to have some new dates:

Wednesday 27th September 5.30
Wednesday 11th October. 5.30

Please state when entering if you prefer 60 - 70 cms height or 70 - 80 cms If enough riders are forward we will have two groups, but if not Jane manages a mixed group very well.

Show Jumping Training with Richard Carruthers

Tuesday 29.08.17
Wednesday 20.09.17
Wednesday 04.10.17

5.30 - 80 cm plus; and 6.30 - 90 cms plus on all dates.

Cost: £17.50 either by cheque payable to DFRC or exact cash in an envelope with your name on (no change can be given)
Contact Judith Childs EMAIL ONLY PLEASE

Christmas Show Jumping for your diary only
Thursday 28.12.17
Times 2.00pm. 3.00pm. 4.00pm
All 80 - 1.00
If lower height required we may be able to add a session with Jane. Names not taken for Xmas SJ until AFTER the ODE.

Jump training with Richard Carruthers 26 November 2017

DFRC runs an unaffiliated version of British Eventing's jump training. The idea is that you jump a round of show jumps and then receive critique from a trainer before you get the chance to jump the course again after your mini lesson. It is a great way to practice over a well-designed course and then go back and perfect your round.

Class1: 50cm Poles and X poles
Class 2: 60cm
Class 3: 70-80cm
Class 4: 90cm
Class 5: 1m+
Entry Fees: DFRC Members £ Non-Members £

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