Our monthly dressage competitions are held at Forest Gate Farm, Norley. The Winter competitions are inside, though you will have to brave the elements and work in outside.
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Dressage Dates, Times and Results

Here are the up and coming monthly Dressage dates all held at Forest Gate Farm, Norley. Please Enter via Horse Monkey (click on the flag) or by contacting Mary Bradbury for entries in the Winter and Sue Lea for entries in the Summer.

Times will be posted on the Website on the Thursday before the competition.

HorseMonkey entries open on the Monday 3 weeks before the date of the competition. This is the easiest way to enter.
Entries are open to MEMBERS ONLY for the first 10 days. Phone entries/enquiries to Mary Bradbury 01928 787601 - within the 3 weeks only please. Please do not call/text the Organiser's mobile.
If you need to withdraw please phone the organiser directly, thank you. Members are reminded that payment should be made before the competition date. Thank you.


  • 8th October Intro A, P14, N34, E44, M71
    Entries open 18.09.17

  • 12th November Intro B, P18, N24, E49, M63
    Entries open 23.10.17

  • 10th December Intro C, P2, N27, E50, M71
    Entries open 20.11.17

  • 10th February Intro A, P7, N28, E42, M63
    Entries open 22.01.18

  • 10th March Intro B, P12, N30, E44, M71
    Entries open 19.02.18

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