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Delamere Forest Riding club is affiliated to the British Riding Clubs organisation, which is divided into 23 Areas throughout the country, as a member of DFRC you are therefore a member of a nationwide organisation of over 35,000 members. This means that as a club we can send teams and individuals to BRC qualifying events throughout the year with the hope of not only representing the Club, but also Area 20 at the National Championships.
DFRC is part of Area 20 which ranges from North Wales with the furthest club being Caernarfon and includes Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire as far as Wolverhampton.

Area 20 has it’s own organising committee (Area 20 Liaison Committee) made up of representatives from each of the Clubs in the Area. The Committee consists of a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer appointed by the Clubs at the annual AGM. Each Club has one representative vote for the purpose of electing these officials, and on decisions made by the Area, though clubs are allowed to send as many interested people as required to the liaison meetings. If clubs find problems with the Riding Clubs organisation/rules the Area Liaison committee is the first port of call in the resolution of any queries, if the problem cannot be resolved at Area level, then there is recourse to ask the Area Representative, to be referred to British Riding Clubs Head Office, for a review of the problem. One person from the Area is elected as the Area Representative, and is in that position for 3 years. This individual can then report back to the Area committee any Rule Changes or operational changes brought in by British Riding Clubs Management. And equally take problems/questions to British Riding Clubs Head Office for a ruling.
The Area committee is responsible for ensuring that Area qualifying competitions are held and run in a correct format, and at the moment most competitions are run by individual Clubs, except for the Horse Trials and Festival of the Horse Challenge which are organised by the Area committee with the assistance of individual clubs.

Area qualifying competitions qualify for National Championships. Winter Qualifiers, Novice Show Jumping and Dressage Championships held at Bury Farm, Bedfordshire, Intermediate Show Jumping & Dressage at Arena UK, Festival of the Horse Challenge & Arena Eventing at Aston le Walls. Summer Qualifiers, Dressage and Show jumping at Lincoln Showgrounds. Horse Trials at Swalcliffe, nr Banbury, Dressage to Music at Bury Farm including a Quadrille, more information about this on the BRC website.

Please look out for the dates for Area 20 qualifying competitions and the committee member who is looking after it. Competitions run with the assistance of helpers provided by each of the clubs entered. Numbers of helpers required varies - for example the Horse Trials needs lots of help! If you cannot provide a helper if requested to at the competition you have entered then you must commit to helping at another Area qualifier.

IMPORTANT: A horses 'Flu vaccinations must be up to date and correct to enter an Area competition. Please ask if you are unsure as you are not allowed to compete if found to be incorrect. Please note no injection may be given within 6 days of the Area Qualifier competition.

FoTH Combined Training and Challenge, 13th Oct, Llanymynech

Contact Peter Booth

CT means two riders at Prelim with SJ 75cm and two at Novice with SJ 85cm. Challenge means SJ followed by XC at 80, 90 or 100

Arena Eventing, 27th & 28th Oct, Llanymynech

Contact Peter Booth

Novice Winter Dressage, 3rd Nov, Somerford

Contact Mary Bradbury

80 Winter SJ, 27th Jan, Southview

Contact Sue Griffiths

Intermediate Winter Dressage, 3rd Feb 2019, Field House

Contact Mary Bradbury

90/100/110 Winter Showjumping, 17th Mar, Tushingham

Contact Sue Griffiths

Horse Trials, 23rd June, Llanymynech

Contact Sam Sansom

Summer Dressage & Riding Tests, 20th July, Caerwys (on grass)

Contact Mary Bradbury

Summer Showjumping (on grass)

Contact Sue Griffiths

Dressage to Music Qualifier, 18th Aug, Reaseheath

Contact Judith Childs

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